Comeau's Bottle Exchange has span three generations of the Comeau family. Beginning in 1920 formally known as D&C Comeau Grocery owned by brothers, Délie and Charles Comeau. It started as a grocery store but soon took interest in the refillable beer and pop bottle industry. Later in 1970 D&C Comeau Grocery was passed down to Charles' oldest daughter, Hélène Comeau. She maintained the family business for twenty years before selling it to her oldest son, Michel Comeau in 1990. In 1993, Michel terminated the grocery store and furthured his business in the refillable beer and pop bottle industry. That same year D&C Comeau Grocery was changed to Comeau's Bottle Exchange which still operates today.  In 1997, Comeau's Bottle Exchange became part of a network of over 80 independently owned Enviro-Depots throughout the province that has been recognized globally as an innovator in waste diversion solutions and managed by RRFB Nova Scotia .