Recycling Your Electronics

Q: What is the Atlantic Canada Electronics Stewardship (ACES) Program?

A: The ACES Program is a not-for-profit, industry-led electronics recycling program approved by the provincial government and available to all consumers and businesses within the province.

Electronic Products Included In The ACES Program:

Desktop Computers: Includes Central Processing Units (CPUs), mice, keyboards, cables and other components within the computer. This includes desktop computers, desktop computers acting as servers and all bundled mice, keyboards, cables and internal components.

Computer Peripherals: Includes both wired and wireless manual input devices such as keyboards and/or pointing devices such as mice and track balls.
Portable Computers: Includes portable computers such as notebook, laptop, netbook and tablet personal computers.

Desktop Printers: Includes devices that may copy, scan, fax or print.

Display Devices: Any display device for displaying images from computers and/or televisions, including professional displays.

Personal or Portable Audio/Video Systems: Includes devices primarily for personal use including docking speakers; portable stereos/tape players/radios; personal CD players, portable audio recorders/portable tape/radio player; headphones; MP3 players, solid state voice recorders; digital cameras and video cameras/camcorders.

Vehicle Audio/Video Systems: Includes amplifiers, equalizers, speakers and in-dash audio/video components.

Home Theatre in a Box (HTB) Systems: Includes pre-packaged disc player/speaker/amplifier systems.
Home Audio/Video Systems: Includes VCRs and DVD players, CD players, clock radios, digital cable equipment, satellite cable equipment, speakers, amplifiers, receivers, data projectors and similar audio/ video systems.

Non-Cellular Telephones: Includes wired and cordless telephones, and telephone answering machines.

**Note: Microwaves are also accepted with no refund. Please take out glass plates before microwaves are returned.